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A construction project is a balancing act of coordinating mechanical, site, and other subcontractors work packages, in a project team environment. COMELCO works closely with subcontractors early in the construction life cycle to understand how they intend to perform their work, and to develop construction execution plans that emphasize team success.

History of Comelco


COMELCO is a safety leader and has a goal of zero incidents on every project. Everyone works safe on a COMELCO jobsite. And everyone goes home safe. Subcontractors benefit from COMELCO’s understanding of, and commitment to, safety management.


Whether it is temporary power, lighting, labor and material logistics, hoisting, overall site logistics, or scheduling, every COMELCO project is planned and documented with subcontractor input, when possible, prior to subcontractor tendering. This reduces surprises for subcontractors. Good team planning initiates a project community that is highly successful.


Subcontractors benefit from COMELCO’s commitment to a district quality management program. COMELCO employees and subcontractors benefit from a thorough knowledge of the drawings, specifications, codes, testing procedures, and applicable standards. Everyone works together using the quality management system to achieve a superior end product.

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